And so it begins! (Belated version)

I’ve decided to give a try at NaNoWriMo this year – writing a 50,000-word novel draft during the month of November.  There’s a story that’s been percolating in the back of my mind for over a year now and I’ve been anxious to start letting it spill out, so NaNo seems like the perfect opportunity to get it written down and challenge myself to crank out a draft in a short time.

I’d hoped to log on this morning and post a short update which communicated the above and ended with a short list something like what follows:

Breakfast:  Eaten!
Coffee:  Fresh and hot!
Headphones:  On!
Writing:  Commence!

… but instead, I’ve had to revise it a bit:

Home Despot Visits: 2!
Original kitchen sink faucet:  In the trash!  The builders must have gotten in as part of a clearance sale when it was discontinued for it’s poor, near-unrepairable internal design.
Hands:  Sore and bruised from trying to tighten & loosen hose fittings amid a twisting maze of PVC pipe in a cramped space!
Coffee:  5th cup is in need of its 3rd reheat!
New kitchen faucet:  Installed and (so far) functional!
Nap:  Needed!
Writing:  About to commence anyway – screw you, nap!  I’ll sleep when I’m SNORT ZZZzzzzz…


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