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And so it begins! (Belated version)

I’ve decided to give a try at NaNoWriMo this year – writing a 50,000-word novel draft during the month of November.  There’s a story that’s been percolating in the back of my mind for over a year now and I’ve been anxious to start letting it spill out, so NaNo seems like the perfect opportunity to get it written down and challenge myself to crank out a draft in a short time.

I’d hoped to log on this morning and post a short update which communicated the above and ended with a short list something like what follows:

Breakfast:  Eaten!
Coffee:  Fresh and hot!
Headphones:  On!
Writing:  Commence!

… but instead, I’ve had to revise it a bit:

Home Despot Visits: 2!
Original kitchen sink faucet:  In the trash!  The builders must have gotten in as part of a clearance sale when it was discontinued for it’s poor, near-unrepairable internal design.
Hands:  Sore and bruised from trying to tighten & loosen hose fittings amid a twisting maze of PVC pipe in a cramped space!
Coffee:  5th cup is in need of its 3rd reheat!
New kitchen faucet:  Installed and (so far) functional!
Nap:  Needed!
Writing:  About to commence anyway – screw you, nap!  I’ll sleep when I’m SNORT ZZZzzzzz…


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Interview at Smashwords

I’m not totally sure what the status of my book is at this point on Smashwords – they keep rejecting it for things like blank space at the ends of paragraphs.  But for whatever it’s worth I’ve filled out one of their author interviews, the results of which can be found here.

I’ve also been making some progress on revisions to my long-mostly-finished (but languishing on my hard drive for several years) traditional fantasy work which will probably end up as one or more e-books under the title Spirit’s End.

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