My Search for the Perfect Naked Guy

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m working on a two-book work of traditional, not-deliberately-funny fantasy.  At this point the text is close enough to done that I need to put some serious thought into what the covers are going to look like.  I’m not entirely sure how it will all come together, but for now I’m just trying to brainstorm ideas and maybe toss together some mock-ups of possibilities using stock images from the web (since any efforts of mine to create visual art would end up looking like an in-game screenshot from Kingdom of Loathing).

There’s a dramatic moment in the first book where the action and scenery would make an excellent attention-grabbing image… and which just happens to feature, as this post title suggests, a naked guy.  On my cover I’d only show him from the waist up, of course, because I don’t want Amazon’s butt-finder software to auto-push my book into the “Adult” category, but I’d like to try doing something with this scene.

I have some very specific ideas about the look, pose, and physique* of Mister Naked Guy, and I’ve been trying to find some images that are at least close to what I’m looking for.  So in short, I, as a heterosexual male, have just spent several uncomfortable hours painstakingly scanning through the search results on various stock photo sites for the key phrase “shirtless man”.  And I’ve just gotten started.

It did seem to me that my 15 year old daughter walked by a little more often during my search than she normally does when I’m sitting at the computer, but that could be my imagination.



* Muscular but not bulky – leaning a little more toward Bruce Lee than Bruce Banner

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