One Meme to Rule Them All

The whole family is home sick today, and Kate, my youngest, decided on a whim to watch Fellowship of the Ring.  Immediately Aeryn, my oldest, and I launched into a verbal rewrite of Galadriel’s opening monologue, and it became crucially important that we write it down:


The world is changed. I see it on Pinterest. I read it on Twitter. It’s trending on Facebook. Much that once was is archived, for none now live with the attention span to remember. It began with the posting of the Great Memes. Three were shared by the Elves, fairest and most selfie-obsessed of all beings. Seven by the Dwarf-Lords, great Instagrammers of meal-pictures and senders of Farmville invites. And nine, nine Memes were posted by the race of Man, who above all else desire likes and shares. For within these memes was bound a brief distraction from their sad and miserable lives.

But they were all of them deceived, for another Meme was made. In the land of Dotcom, in the vast wasteland of Google+, xxDarkL0rdSaur0n69xx Photoshopped in secret a master Meme to control all the others, and into this meme he poured his cute animals, his political satire, and his will to amass enough views to collect advertising revenue on his YouTube account.

One meme to rule them all,
One search to find them,
One click to invite them all,
and with a EULA bind them.



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