Site crash and attacks

The site went down a while back after running some automated updates; I ended up having to manually remove all my WordPress plugins and add them back one at a time until I found out which one was breaking the page. It turned out to be WordPress’ own JetPack plugin suite, which I’ve now re-installed from scratch, and the site seems to be mostly functional again. There’s some kind of issue with the social buttons possibly not working correctly; hopefully I’ll have time to get that resolved this weekend.

In addition, between this and another older site I manage on the same server, I’ve been getting e-mails about multiple failed administrator login attempts on a fairly regular basis – not a massive bot attack, but once or twice a day. So I’ve gone into both sites and added more internal security features, malware scanners, etc.

Going into the new year, with luck I’ll be able to get past the tech issues and get back to the updates and changes I’ve been wanting to finish for a while now.

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