The Sillymarillion

The Sillymarillion is a parody of J.R.R. Tolkien’s posthumously published and under-appreciated masterwork, The Silmarillion.  If you understand what this means and you think Tolkien’s life’s work could benefit by being retold using bad puns, blatant innuendo, and the occasional fart joke*, this book might be right up your alley.  If none of the above is true, you should buy it anyway since you’re a good person at heart and wouldn’t want to shatter my fragile ego by rejecting me.

MENSA (yes MENSA, an organization for people smarter than you and I put together) had this to say about The Sillymarillion:

…a highly warped, yet extremely funny alternate Middle-earth… D.R. Lloyd brilliantly captures the structure of Tolkien’s original, not only paying homage to it but render[ing]** a heart-wrenching good laugh at the same time.

The Sillymarillion was originally published in 2004 by Cold Springs press as a trade paperback.  It’s now available in e-book form on a variety of platforms.

* There is in fact exactly one fart joke, and only because the original text demanded it.
** Apparently even MENSA members sometimes get their verbs wrong.

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