For the e-book edition of The Sillymarillion, I added some additional concept art sketches that were not included in the original print release.  Unfortunately this art – along with some of the images that did appear in the print edition – might show up in a wide variety of sizes depending on what reader device you’re using.  So for those of you who might want to actually read the tiny, tiny letters in those family trees and those who are experiencing far too close-up a view of the Lawn Dwarf’s nostrils, I’m including decent-resolution scans of the original works here which will allow them to be viewed on them thar newfangled computication machines what can resize pictures so you can see ’em.

All the images here which require artistic talent were created by my wife Susan.  The ones which require software that can draw lines and boxes and can fill in a background with a pattern (i.e. the maps and charts) were done by me.  You may use these elsewhere online only, and provided they’re accompanied by a reference to this site.

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